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We Buy Houses!!!

We buy houses...

  • for cash

  • on your schedule

  • no need to make repairs

  • take what you want

  • leave what you don't want

  • no strangers walking through your home

  • no realtor commissions

  • no cleaning before showings

  • and no stress

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Behind on Taxes?

We can get your taxes and other bills caught up and get you current again

Inherited a property?

Have you inherited a property that you don't know what to do with?

Repairs too much money?

You don't need to fix/update anything.  We will buy the house as-is

House becoming an anchor?

Sometimes a blessing can become a curse.  This often happens with houses

Why Us...

  • We believe that the person is more important than the house or property

  • We are problem solvers

  • We want to help you with whatever situation you may be facing

  • We are a no-pressure company (if we can help, that's great - and if not, that's okay too)

  • We will let you know if we are not a good fit for you



Green Salix Real Estate

services to help you

Free Property Assessment

Are you looking to see how much your property is worth?  Reach out to get a free assessment and price opinion for your property.

No-obligation Cash Offer

Are you looking to sell your home quickly?  Reach out to get a fair cash offer and we can close on your schedule.

Buying Homes in Your Neighborhood

Are you looking to sell your property in the Triad area?  If so, reach out to Tyler and get a call back today.  Don't miss an opportunity to get an offer for your home.

Want more seller resources?

Click right here.

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